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Don’t let the appearance of PLUSH carpeting fool you! On the contrary… DECKadence® is a technologically advanced marine performance product created through a PVC spooled extrusion process, with a non-slip poly vinyl mesh coefficient rated backing, anti microbial composites, UV stabilizers and…is like no other product before.

DECKadence Marine Flooring(DMF) is revolutionary stylish marine flooring and protective deck cover that:-

    • Prevents slipping
    • Wont’ retain water (rapid dry)
    • Adds comfort
    • Adds beauty
    •  Buffers annoying engine noise
    • Absorbs the shock from the constant impact of riding

DMF is an absolute necessity for your feet, your back… and your boat deck. It’s installed in minutes, and without the worry of adhesives. It grips your deck, hoses off to clean, and delivers unparalleled comfort and durability. Browse our site and discover the amazing advantages of having… DECKadence Marine Flooring installed in on your watercraft!

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